Learn Touch Typing

Do you want to type rapidly without looking keyboard keys, if yes then we will teach you best way to Learning Touch typing. Are you Suffering with Less speed or accuracy?

Don’t Worry. Just Join Our Skill Changing Webinar @FREE 

8th  May 2022 (Sunday)
Morning 9 AM to 11 AM

12 June 2022 (Sunday)
Morning 9 AM to 10:15 AM

What Are The Benefits Of This Webinar

  • Help you memorize alphabets, numbers and other character positions on the keyboard
  • It helps you type faster and more accurately.
  • you’ll learn the rules of Touch Typing 
  • you will be able to type without using the backspace key

Touch typing is a skill, if you develop this skill then its remain all time, it have reduce your work time after Learn typing you can Do more work in less time. So don’t waste your valuable time only thinking and Learn this typing skill via our this Webinar.

About Me

typing course by sumit sir
Sumit Nain

Hello Everyone! I am Sumit Nain. I am the founder of typingcourse.in My 09+ years of typing experience enabled me to start my journey as a successful typing trainer.

 I have achieved maximum English typing speed of 86 word per minute. I also achieved excellence in Hindi Typing too. I trained students, with special tips and tricks, to make them Professional typist within 45 days. 

There are lots of students trying to achive good typing speed and want to clear Typing Exam but after lots of practice still not able to Achive Good speed and Accuracy. It happens due to lack of proper way of typing, one of the common factors to cause typing exam failure.

Due to Low Typing speed and accuracy, if you are depressed or your typing speed is stucked, If you Really want to Boost your Speed and Accuracy in just few Weeks then Join our This typing Webinar. Its really help to Learn proper way of typing.  

In this context, nothing can get better than Sumit Sir Masterclass. 

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