Most Frequent questions and answers (FAQ's)

The Entire Typing Course is in Hindi Language.

Of Course Yes, In just Few days you can see daily improvement in your Typing Speed. 

From the first day to 45 days, if he practices keeping in mind all the tips and tricks mentioned in the course, then his speed will be 60+.


This typing course has been made on the basis of 8 years of experience keeping both (Hindi and English) typing closely, meaning that both typing will improve in a very short time

Our typing course includes 1. Full Practically Based Videos lectures and 2. English practice Pdf and 3. Hindi practice PDF Book In addition to this course you will also get 1 Year Online Support.

We have trended hundreds of students and by analyzing their fingers and improving their smallest deficiencies and boosting both their speed and accuracy in no time, all the tips mentioned in this course will be guaranteed to you, Which will improve your speed, even after that if you feel that the improvement is less then you can contact us.

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