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We Trained People to Quickly and Easily to become a Professional Typist without Spending Thousands of Rupees.  This Online Typing course by Sumit Sir is Helpful for English and Hindi (Krutidev) typing Zero Level to Advance Level.

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Best Online Typing course is Designed for Beginners to Expert you'll discover:

  • Totally practically Based Videos Lectures
  • Finger Position for Alphabets Keys & Numerical Keypad
  •  Wrist and Fingers Distance from Keyboard/Table
  • Day 1 to Day 45 Daily Practice method and Progress compare 
  • How to Type from Typing Paper
  • How to Qualify a Typing Test Online and Offline
  • Tricks to Gain 100% Accuracy in just 3 Days.
  • Typing Speed Calculation Formula (includes Character’s+Words) 
  • Hindi Font’s Layouts & Shortcut Keys
  • Most Important tips & Tricks for Clear Any typing Exams (5 min, 10 min or 15 min)
  •  English Typing Practice PDF Book 75 Lessons
  • Hindi Typing Practice PDF Book 21 Lessons
  • English Typing Software
  • 1 year full online support
  • More New Typing Practice Lesson books time to time.
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Here is what you'll Get when you Enroll Right Now in Best Online Touch Typing Course:-

  • All Videos & Books Access Instantly after Enroll in This Course.
  • 1 Year full access to the videos. Download any time
  • Live Chat Support

What Our Students Say about Us:-

Preeti Arora
Preeti Arora
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Before this course i try many classes and online courses but this course is Totally unique from others, Focus on Main reasons why speed is not increasing. Now My speed is increasing Very fast its boost from 20 wpm to 40 wpm in just 2 weeks. Thank you sumit Sir for this course
Satish Kumar
Satish Kumar
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काश ये कोर्स मुझे पहले मिल जाता तो मेरे टाइपिंग सेण्टर के पैसे ओर टाइम दोनों बच जाते| मैंने 6 महीने तक लगातार टाइपिंग सेण्टर ज्वाइन किया ओर लगभग 3-4 हजार फीस भी दी ओर स्पीड फिर भी improve नही हो रही थी अब lock-down में आपका कोर्स खरीदने के बाद ओर आपके कोर्स Videos के टिप्स apply करके ही घर पर मैंने मेरी स्पीड 50 wpm तक कर ली है | आपका बहुत-बहुत शुक्रिया सर जी |
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Before this touch typing course i practice Daily 5 to 6 hours and no improvement in my speed and accuracy. But after watch all totally lectures in this course Now i am daily practice only 2 hours and believe me My typing speed is improving rapidly day by day. Thank you So much Sumit Sir for such a helping course.
Sonia Kundal
Sonia Kundal
Himachal Pradesh
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मैंने youtube पर बहुत से videos देखे टाइपिंग स्पीड को improve करने के लिए लेकिन कुछ भी improvement नही हुवा उनको follow करने पर, ओर में जिस टाइपिंग सेण्टर पर जाती थी वो सर बोलते थे सोनिया आप घर पर practice नही करते इसीलिए स्पीड improve नही होती जबकि घर पर सेण्टर से आने के बाद भी मैं 3 घन्टे practice करती थी लेकिन कुछ समज नही आ रहा था आखिर इतनी मेहनत के बाद भी स्पीड क्यों नही improve हो रही थी लेकिन मेरी बहुत सी छोटी- छोटी कमियां थी जिसकी वजह से स्पीड रुकी हुई थी जो सारी कोर्स की videos देखने पर मुझे पता लगी ओर उनको मैंने 15 दिनों में ही ठीक कर लिया अब मेरी Gross स्पीड 54 wpm है ओर Net स्पीड 50 wpm तक हो गयी है|
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I am being faster amd faster under your guidance sir. Thank you very much sir for this course

Our Achivments:- Our Helping Teacher who help me to make this Course awesome for you Mr. Pratap kumar make Indian Record and Get Certificate from Indian Book of Records with 127 WPM Speed. So Hurry up! and Take your Typing to Next level

Mr. Rachapalli Pratap Kumar (Typist Indian Record Holder) 2020

Frequently Asked Questions for Online Typing Classes by Sumit Sir….

We Create Full Practically  Based Videos Lectures, That help you to Learn Typing From Zero Level to Professional Typist 

For a Fresher Student Total Duration of this Course is around 35 Days, Within 35 Days You Can Gain from Zero WPM to 65 WPM Typing Speed & Above 99% Accuracy. Guaranteed! 

You can upload your Finger Position video clip and Typed paragraph in your Account Login Section. After that We analysis your finger’s positions and paragraphs and Guide you According your Progress

We set these Class validity is 1 year, your Online Typing class Account is Remain Active for 1 year. 

  • Computer or Laptop (Recommended) or Smart Phone
  • A Good Keyboard and OTG cable (Smart Phone User)
  • MS Word (Recommended) or Notepad, Wordpad 
  • And Internet To Download Class videos or upload your Typing Performance 

You can Pay Via Phone Pay, Google Pay, Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card you can use any one, Its 100% Secure by Razorpay.

No problem at all. Contact Us Via Mobile:- 9996663790 or Via Email Id-


Learn Touch Typing at Home or Office via This Course-

Do you Need Learn Typing Online in a hurry? Or do you need a refresher typing course to practice with and tone up your skills? Then this Online typing course is Perfect for you!

Online Typing Course Advantages:- 

  • Scheduling Flexibility– For Many Learners, the Primary Benefit of Online Typing Learning involves scheduling flexibility. 
  • Lower Total Costs- If you go to learn typing in a Computer Center or Typing Institute You have to Pay more than you learn. Your Transports chargers, Center Fees and many More Daily expensive.  So With this Online Typing Course you Can Take More Benefits without investing lots of Money.
  • More Comfortable Learning Environment– With the ability to Typing Practice Anywhere, Online Learners can practice at Home, Office, Shop or workplace. This Advantage of Online Typing Learning allows students to work in the environment that best suits them. 
  • Geographic Flexibility- Another Advantage of Typing Course Online is you don’t need to search and join Typing Classes Near you location. You Only Need a Keyboard and Computer or Mobile (OTG support to Connect USB Keyboard) to Practice Your English Typing Or Hindi Typing. 
  • Career Advancement– After These Online Keyboarding video lectures you are able to Type Faster and Accurate in Just Few Days. So That’s Increase Your Chances to Qualify or Clear any Government or private Job Typing Test of Any Level. 
  • FREE Online Typing Account- When you Enroll in Our this course you also Got Free Online Typing Account Subscription for 1 year..


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