Install Hindi Fonts KRUTIDEV 010 in Android Mobile

How to Install or Use Krutidev Hindi Font in Android

Hello Friends, In this Post i am telling you Practically Step by Step How can you Install Krutidev Fonts in Your Android Mobile, And Also How to Type in Hindi on Android Phone. So Just Follow All Steps 

Krutidev Font in Android Mobile

Step-1 Install WPS OFFICE

To use Hindi Fonts in Your Android Device firstly we need to Install WPS Office in our Android phone, You can Also directly Download wps office from play store. Or you can download from here

Step-2 Download Krutidev Fonts 010, 11, 16 or any which you want to use

Now we need to download Krutidev Hindi Fonts and Extract it after downloading. You can download directly from the link given below 

Step-3 Copy and Paste Downloaded font in Fonts Folder (in your Internal Storage)

You need to do this step carefully After Downloading Krutidev font just copy that font and paste in the FONTS Folder which is located in Your Android Internal Storage, you can directly also search for this folder in File Manager.

Step-4 Now Open WPS OFFICE and Select Krutidev Font from Dropdown

Now Just Open WPS OFFICE which we install in step 1, and Choose a Blank Documents and Select your Krutidev font from Fonts Section, like below picture, If you can’t see your krutidev font in the font list its means you did not properly paste in Exactly folder where we need to paste it. 

Wps Office LI
Step-5 Now you can Type in Hindi Font in Android Mobile

Finally You Do it Well! Its time to type in Hindi in Android Phone, You can easily Type in Krutidev font in Android mobile You can Also Open any krutidev files in wps office with All preset settings. without loosing your Single setting.

Krutidev Font in Android Mobile
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